Whether you are looking for a spray dried mushroom powder, a liquid mushroom concentrate or an air dried speciality mushroom, Bensons have an ingredient that will deliver that all important mushroom flavour.

Powder and Concentrate.
Bensons work with Scelta, one of Europe’s leading mushroom processors to bring you a range of convenient and safe ingredients, ready to use in your recipe.

Our spray dried mushroom powders and mushroom concentrates are produced at a brand new dedicated mushroom facility in the Netherlands, under the Blanchaud brand, one of the best known names in the mushroom industry.  Many years of expertise are employed to preserve the flavours of the original raw material – Champignons de Paris.

Our mushroom extract is a fine, free flowing powder that can be easily blended with other ingredients to produce dry soup mixes, seasoning blends and flavourings.  A non-gm maltodextrin carrier is used as a carrier.

Mushroom concentrate is designed for uses where a paste or liquid is more appropriate.  It is ideal for wet soups, sauces and speciality products such as ravioli fillings.

Speciality Dried Mushrooms.
To complete the range, Bensons also offer a full range of dehydrated and freeze dried mushrooms in various cut sizes, granules and powder to suit all applications. We can also provide you with tailor-made mixes to your own recipe.

Cultivated varieties include Champignons de Paris – slices and buttons, Crimini, Shiitake and Black fungus.

The wild mushroom selection includes Boletus edulis (Cepes / Porcini), Boletus Luteus (Penny Bun / Slippery Jack), Chanterelles and Morels.