Egg Powders

Bensons have been  involved with eggs for over twenty years, supplying the best quality egg powders to food manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

The last few years have seen some major changes to the industry, the most important of which are the new EU regulations covering the welfare of hens. Since the start of 2013 hens must be housed in 'enriched' cages, which provide more room and better facilities than previously. There is also of course a trend towards Free Range egg products. All of our egg powders conform fully to these requirements.

We source our egg powders only from European suppliers who are able to meet the stringent requirements of our customers, incorporating the very latest ideas for cost effective processing whilst maintaining the highest levels of product quality and hygiene.

The design of the production process, plus continuous computerised monitoring of all aspects of the quality assurance system results in an ingredient in which customers can be fully confident. We believe that process control is one of the most important factors to ensure the production of top quality ingredients.

We offer a full range of powders, suitable for use in many food industry applications. The main types available are listed below, but please contact us if your intended use is more specialised as we may well be able to design an individual specification for you.

Egg White Powder - Standard
Used where the binding and coagulative properties of albumen are required.

Egg White Powder – High Whip
Useful for confectionery and other applications where high whipping properties are desired.

Whole Egg Powder
Used as a replacement for liquid egg.

Egg Yolk Powder - Standard
Used to enrich ice cream, sauces and mayonnaise.

Egg Yolk Powder - High Heat
A specially developed Egg Yolk Powder for use where the final product receives a heat treatment to provide a longer shelf life.