Meat and Poultry Granules and Powders

Henningsen Nederland have specialised in producing dehydrated meat and poultry ingredients for the food industry for over twenty years.  The facility at Waalwijk in the Netherlands is fully approved by the EC as well as by the Dutch Veterinarian authorities and comprises both a spray drying system, ideal for the production of powder and an air-drying system, for making both granules, powders and smaller production runs.

Henningsen's expertise in the field of meat and poultry ingredients means that today they are regarded as world leaders in the delicate process of drying meat products with minimal loss of nutritional value and flavour. The Henningsen range includes Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, as well as Pork, Ham, Bacon, Oxtail and Veal.

Over 20 different products are available as standard, but new items are continually being added, particularly in the area of organically produced ingredients, so please let us know if you are looking for a something in particular.

Current uses of Henningsen meat products include soups, sauces, baby foods and pet treats, as well as special flavour blends for instant foods and convenience meals, but new product ideas are continually being developed, as is Henningsen's experience in keeping up to date with new requirements.

Powdered Cooked Chicken Skin & Meat Powder
A useful blend of roast and fatty notes                                       
Powdered Cooked Chicken type C100B
Spray dried chicken meat – ingredients include MRM
Powdered Cooked Chicken type C200K
Similar to C100B, but with lower fat content – ingredients include MRM
Powdered Cooked Chicken – Type F - AR
Chicken powder produced without the use of MRM ingredients
Powdered Chicken Broth
An excellent base for soups or stock – with a maltodextrin carrier
Powdered Chicken Fat with Chicken Broth
Less expensive than spray dried broth but still a useful soup base
Powdered Chicken Liver
A very convenient, strong chicken flavour
Chunk Chicken type RS
Air-dried granules of chicken.  Also available as a milled powder

Chunk Turkey Type C100K
Air-dried granules of turkey meat.  Also available as a powder
Powdered Cooked Turkey – Non MRM
Spray dried turkey meat from non MRM ingredients

Chunk Lamb type RS
Pure granules of lamb – air dried. Also available as a powder
Powdered Cooked Lamb
Spray dried lamb powder
Rendered Lamb Fat
Pure Lamb fat - liquid at room temperature

Powdered Cooked Beef - Type A
Spray dried pure beef powder
Powdered Cooked Beef – Type UK
As above, but made from UK beef
Powdered Beef Extract Type 3
Spray dried beef extract on maltodextrin
Powdered Cooked Beef Liver
Good strong beef liver flavour
Powdered Cooked Beef Fat
Spray dried powder containing 70% beef fat
Chunk Beef type RS
Pure beef in convenient granule form. Also available as a powder
Chunk Cooked Beef + Oxtail
Granules of minced cooked beef and oxtail in a convenient granule form
Chunk Cooked Oxtail + Beef RS
Granules of minced cooked oxtail and beef also available as a milled powder

Powdered Cooked Ham
Spray dried powder with typical smoky ham flavour
Powdered Cooked Pork
Spray dried powdered cooked pork
Pork Liver Powder
Spray dried pork liver powder
Powdered Cooked Bacon
Spray dried bacon powder, available with and without smoke flavour
Chunk Bacon Pieces
Air dried bacon granules. Also available as a powder
Chunk Ham Pieces
Air dried ham granules. Also available as a powder
Powdered Cooked Prosciutto
Made from true Italian dry cured ham

A speciality range of meat ingredients are available, both as powder and in granule form. Ingredients based on Venison, Veal and Duck can be developed on special request.

Many of the ingredients listed above can be offered in organic form. The range is continually being updated, so please ask for the latest information. Currently we are able to offer the following ingredients:

Organic Powdered Cooked Chicken, Organic Dehydrated Milled Cooked Chicken, Organic Powdered Chicken Broth with Maltodextrin, Organic Rendered Chicken Fat, Organic Chicken Stock Base.

Organic Powdered Cooked Beef, Organic Dehydrated Milled Cooked Beef, Organic Powdered Beef Broth with Maltodextrin, Organic Rendered Beef Fat, Organic Beef Stock Base.

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